Un tip pozează gol în diferite locuri din întreaga lume. El spune că vrea să-i ajute pe oameni să trăiască mai bine

Un bărbat a găsit o modalitate de a se face auzit. Acesta a devenit deja cunoscut pe Instagram, ca fiind individul care pozează gol în diferite locuri din întreaga lume.


Bloggerul, numit profesor de nuditate, spune că vrea să încurajeze oamenii să-și elibereze mințile, să trăiască fără limite și apoi să se mândrească cu sinele și corpul lor. Chiar și așa, nu sunt mulți cei care decid să-i urmeze curajul.

În vârstă de 36 de ani, Ben a început să scrie despre viața sa și a devenit din ce în ce mai pasionat de a-și împărtăși mesajul cu semenii săi. Știa că va avea nevoie de o călătorie care să-l ajute să iasă din mulțime.

Last week I was fortunate enough to have a week’s holiday in the sunshine. Here’s a few things I wanted to share now I’m back: * 1) Do you ever go away on holiday, not fully appreciate it at the time, then come home & miss it hugely? We are good at adapting to new environments, that means we can survive difficult circumstances better than we think, but conversely we can be quick to forget how lucky we are in beautiful places. Whilst I was away, I made a conscious decision to appreciate what I had every day. This attitude kept me present in the moment & helped me come home excited about the future, rather than miss what’s already gone. Let’s not forget that life is less about the experiences we have & more about how we perceive them. * 2) Our parents & those people close to us won’t be here forever, spending time with them matters. I don’t want a scenario of one day wishing they were still around because there were things I didn’t say or do with them. I’m very lucky to still have two incredible parents alive & well, I want to share as many things with them now, while I still can. I once did an exercise on a personal development course where we discussed how naturally quick we are to blame our parents for our inadequacies, yet we rarely thank them for the skills we inherited. I believe we owe them all love, appreciation & forgiveness (where necessary), they have done their best for us with what they knew & had at the time. I loved spending time with my Mum & Dad last week. * 3) I went away with great intentions to catch up on my studies (I am studying a philosophy called Logotherapy which is about the importance of purpose & meaning in our lives). The reality was, after a year without a proper relaxing break away, I needed time just to switch off. I’m pleased to say I didn’t fight it & had such a lovely, relaxing time! Now I’m back I feel refreshed to work more efficiently on the work commitments I have & my ongoing studies. I know we are taught that it’s healthy to be ambitious & hardworking, but we also have to remember to appreciate the now & acknowledge that a break every now & then can do our mindset so much good. * With peace & love, Ben ❤️

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